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We provide the merchandisers’ uninterrupted operations, the beautifully decorated shelves and make the products visible. Realize BTL and promotional campaigns. Resolve the issues with trading networks. Carry out projects competently and transparently.Our customers are proud of their results.

To the manufacturers
We will bring your products to the market and increase sales
For the buyers
We will help you quickly find the right products on the shelves
For the trading networks
Find the growth point for a specific product

since 2002 in the market

The Trade Marketing Agency
with 20 years of history

590 cities

The full-time employees’ presence in the Russian Federation settlements

5000 supermarkets

and 500 hypermarkets in the federal retail networks use our services

Help the big and small manufacturers


Have more than completed projects in our portfolio

We work all over Russia


We cover 590+ settlements in 7 Federal districts: the Central, the Northwest, the North Caucasus, the Southern, the Ural, the Siberian

The Magnit trading network

The network stores

The local retail stores

The sale retail points

We approach each task wisely

Slide SMART SOLUTION Merchandising Provide merchandising services throughout Russia.We provides favorable places for the display. We organize the shelf space in accordance with the planogram. Warn you of a shortage of goods. Monitor the availability of advertising materials. Regularly report on the work done WHAT TASKS ARE SUITABLE FOR To increase the distribution.
Organize the work of merchandisers to increase sales.
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Slide SMART SOLUTION Automation

NSTeamReports is a program for managing field employees based on Android. Helps you set tasks and plan routes. Monitor the location of merchandisers using GPS. Receive reports and protect them from falsification. Work with comments. Upload data in various formats. WHAT TASKS ARE SUITABLE FOR Remotely monitor merchandisers.
Set tasks and evaluate work
staff online.
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Slide SMART SOLUTION Manufacturing POSM Developing effective POS materials. We take on the projects where it needs everything at once: to come up with a design concept, create a mock-up of POS materials, manufacture and install it in the quality manner. In the work, we take into account the brand visual style and the outlet. After installation, we help maintain the all materials current state WHAT TASKS ARE SUITABLE FOR Highlight a product on a shelf.
Design shelves in accordance with the visual concept.
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Slide SMART SOLUTION BTL-events We organize events exactly according to the scenario: we select staff, manufacture equipment and advertising materials. You can contact us if you need to conduct a professional tasting, sampling, exhibition or Grand opening.
Each client is assigned a personal Manager responsible for the project.
WHAT TASKS ARE SUITABLE FOR Conduct an event according to the scenario.
Take over the entire organization, conduct and control.
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Slide SMART SOLUTION Promotions and games We conduct promotions, games, lotteries and competitions. The company develops ideas and mechanics. Preparing legal rules. Connect additional tools: the promo sites, the SMS services and hotlines. Determine the winners and organize the prizes issuance. Our company does everything in strict accordance with the law "On the Advertising" WHAT TASKS ARE SUITABLE FOR Carry out a promotion.
Implement a promotional campaign in a distribution network by law.
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Slide SMART SOLUTION Training of stewards We conduct the training under the Russian football Union program and under our employees' experience in ensuring security at FIFA and UEFA. Select students, give the lectures, conduct the practical classes, and take the exams. As a successful training result, the students receive the stewards official certificate WHAT TASKS ARE SUITABLE FOR Ensure security at the event.
Prepare stewards for a sporting event.
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Our customers are proud of their results

3 years beautiful laying out Mr.Ricco

Provide merchandising services: we control the laying out, we stimulate sales and promotion

1,000 BACARDÍ brand advertising stands

Create advertising stands and POS-materials for the BACARDÍ brand

1,500 Magnit Cosmetics discoveries

Carry out the Magnit Cosmetics stores opening and help solve other BTL problems

Our strength is in clear principles

Diving into a business

Look at how the business and distribution work. We carefully analyze the current processes and think about what can be improved.

Offer the working solutions

Find problems and growth points, agree on a work plan and goals for sales volumes and the attracting customers cost.

Control and report

Monitor the results from the laying out moment, the shelf design, conducting an advertising campaign to the sales. We don’t work without reporting.

Care about convenience

Make the client work more convenient using our software, which allows to control and manage merchandisers anywhere and anytime.

Carry out any projects transparently

Thoroughly analyze the task

After contacting us, your task will fall to the sales manager. He will contact you to clarify the nuances and understand how we can be useful and who will be involved in the project.

Work exactly according to plan

The approval, the implementation plan development begins. Each project is assigned a responsible manager who sets the tasks for the executors and controls the result.

Select the best solution

Clarification, the task is transferred to the appropriate department. The department team develops the most effective solution, estimates and sends you for approval

Report in detail

Results achieving is due to well-coordinated work and competent task setting. Each implementation phase ends with a detailed report with photos and videos.

Experience is the guarantee

NSTeam has been engaged in trade marketing since 2002. During this time, we have combined all our knowledge and experience into a single system, tested them on our projects and now we offer these solutions to you. The full-time employees’ presence in 590 settlements of the Russian Federation allows implementing any complexity projects precisely and on time.

NSTeam is the company that uses only smart methods to influence customers.

If there is a need to develop, plan, organize and sell everything as soon as possible – please contact us.

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